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A Curious Time ft Ashel Seasunz

by noaccordion



A Curious Time is a collaboration between the music producer, song writer, and accordion player, Onah indigo with the lyricist and vocalist, Ashel Seasunz. They have been part of the same Oakland musical scene for years and this is the first time they have been able to collaborate. Onah wrote, recorded and produced the track and then she brought in Ashel to lay down the lyrics on top. He channeled the words after sitting two days in an Ayahuasca ceremony. He meditates on and ponders the strangeness of our current times especially during this pandemic. This track features chill beats, accordion vamps and reggae vocals.
This track is the first single of five to be released over the next year which will culminate with a noaccordion album release in Sep 2022. Each single features different artists.
We have also generated a music video, lyric video and an interview to share. Onah is a visual artist and videographer. The album will be released in special edition vinyl next fall.


A Curious Time ft Ashel Seasunz

See its a curious time curious time
Its a curious time its a curious time
Diving in the mysterious mind
Warfare where fear is the weapon you find
Infrared at your eye blind curious time curious time

See its a curious time curious time
Its a curious time

Have you read 1984 yet?
Thought police at your door step
6 feet deep can't floor me.
Seek you find.. the design
You see we 3 6 and 9s
So refined 6 protons 6 electrons 6 neutrons divine

Carbon they try robbin
The fresh in the sky put the flesh in disguise
Skeksis outlaw dreamtime enslave the dark crystal
Throw in divide to siphons life..
But still they couldnt stop the time...no no no


See its a curious time see it’s a curious time
Yeah its a curious time
One click will take you on a ride
Whole world stream from the mind
Reptilian brain for survive
Its a curious time it is a curious time

Genetic modification
Technological penetration
Altering the fruit of a generation
Belief reflects the information
Disease is sold as medication
I guess we all needed a little motivation
For unification is the destination
Cultivate plants liberate the plantation

Its a curious time
Its a curious time
singularity could never divide no
The polaroid expose the polarized though
The divination never lies, no
Its a curious time
see the elders prophesied
when white is black, black is white, night is day
war is peace and freedom is slavery
still will is free to choose our destiny
celestial bodies in harmony
you can be right or you can be eternity
we could be the ones to free humanity

Its a curious
Its a curious time..


released November 19, 2021


all rights reserved



noaccordion Oakland, California

Oakland-based music producer and performance artist Onah Indigo aka noaccordion dedicates her platform to amplifying extraordinary voices in the Bay Area and beyond. As a multi-instrumentalist, she defies the limitations of genre by introducing club beats to underground MC’s or freaky variations on mainstream key patterns to techno and drum ‘n’ bass. ... more

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